Rep. Spano: No COVID-19 Money for Abortions

Legislation Protects the Unborn

Lakeland, FL Today, U.S. Representatives Ross Spano (R-FL) joined 38 of his colleagues, in introducing the ‘Protecting Life in Crisis Act’. The legislation prohibits federal dollars under the COVID-19 emergency packages from funding abortions or abortion coverage.

“While our country is facing COVID-19, we must ensure that no taxpayer money is used for abortions,” said Spano“Protecting the most vulnerable in society should not take a back seat during a pandemic— if anything, it shows us even more how delicate and precious life is. I proudly cosponsor this legislation.”

The bill also prevents federal tax credits from being used to cover any post-employment healthcare (COBRA) premiums that include abortion coverage provisions.

To read the bill, click here.


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